About Me

What to say about me…well, I have been doing photography for a few years now. I’ve shot thousands on pictures since.  I started with basic portraiture then I was asked to do a wedding for a friend…of course I accepted! When I did my first wedding I fell in love with it, it gave me a chance to capture the happiest moments for some good friends.

I am always open for new ideas, I’ll shoot anything once… you just never know you might discover a new passion. I’ve done maternity, children, families, lingerie, fashion, engagements, weddings and head shots. When a new opportunity comes my way, I most likely accept it. When editing my work I like to brighten colors, I LOVE contrast… photoshop is my partner… why not make you photos look different than others! It is a way to show others how you view life… through colors, perspective and imagination.


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